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Which B2B Companies Are Investing in Podcasts?

Which B2B Companies Are Investing in Podcasts?

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Podcast advertising is big in the realm of B2B. 

The thinking goes that podcast ads are particularly well suited for B2B brands. By advertising on a business-related podcast, brands are reaching a qualified and engaged audience. In turn, audiences are hearing ads they may be more generally receptive to — it’s the audio, low-tech equivalent of context-based advertising. 

But what are the biggest spenders in podcast advertising within B2B? MediaRadar can answer that question.

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As for the top spenders, there is a wide range in the form that ads take — from more formal (ADP typically has pre recorded ads) to more casual ( mostly has host read ads). 

Here are the top 5 B2B podcast advertisers for the top podcasts from 2019, along with where and how they advertised. 


ZipRecruiter — designed for both hiring companies and a searching work force — was seen on 66 different podcasts in 2019. Some of the biggest examples include Pod Save America, The Daily and The Ben Shapiro Show. 

ZipRecruiter almost always took a personable approach, as 79 percent of ads were host-read on the podcast. One example of how ads for the modern HR brand work is from Pod Save America, where the ad copy speaks to autonomous jobs while the Pod Save America hosts speak to how the brand has helped them. 


Indeed advertised across 13 different podcasts in 2019. The most notable example was the Stephen A. Smith Show for ESPN, but they also bought space on Ten Percent Happier (focused on mindfulness meditation) and This American Life (relevant to nearly any millennial). Half of the ad buys on podcasts were host-read.

This US-based provider of Internet-based mailing and shipping services bought ads on 21 different podcasts across a range of niche audiences. Podcasts that the brand advertised on include Stuff You Should Know, The Ben Shapiro Show, and The Joe Rogan Experience. took a very personal approach to podcast advertising, with 94 percent of ad buys being host-read. 


ADP — which provide payroll, HR and tax services — was seen on 6 different podcasts last year. But the majority of their placements were on What’s New, a business podcast from The Wall Street Journal. With a high-minded rather than small business audience, just 2 percent of ADP’s podcast ad buys were host-read. 


Zoom, one of the most popular web conferencing solutions, was seen on 13 different podcasts in 2019. Most commonly, Zoom advertised on Economist Radio and The Intelligence, both podcasts from The Economist. Just 13 percent of Zoom’s podcast ad buys were host-read.