Elite Traveler is a luxury magazine targeting ultra-high-net-worth consumers who enjoy the global jet-setting lifestyle. It curates the latest offerings in international travel destinations, apparel, vehicles, jewelry, watches, and dining. Each month, the magazine’s website receives over 500,000 visitors.


“In a media landscape that changes constantly, marketers have more and more choices when it comes to deciding how to spend their ad dollars. Their total budgets are not increasing, even though their choices have multiplied,” explains Norman Miller, the Publisher of Elite Traveler. Elite Traveler needed an integrated set of tools to help them figure out how to best target advertisers in this new day and age. They wanted to be knowledgeable about their prospective clients and engage in intelligent, focused conversations when it came time to make the pitch. Yet they knew they didn’t have the bandwidth to accommodate the extra hours of preparation needed to research their competitors, dive into client histories, or review tearsheets.


Enter MediaRadar. Now that the Elite Traveler sales team has adopted MediaRadar’s ad sales intelligence, they can access comprehensive client reports instantly. Before making a sales call, their reps can pull the Big Picture View for a prospective client and become aware of that brand’s advertising: Where are they placing ads? Do they buy high CPM units? Their questions could finally be answered. MediaRadar allows each sales rep to examine their prospect’s history and create a savvy pitch. “MediaRadar enables my team to know everything about a client or prospect’s positioning, strategy, and timing,” says Miller. “ While I don’t want to mention specific names, we recently won new jewelry/watch, travel, and fashion business after doing our homework with MediaRadar.”