ZOOM Active Lifestyle Marketing is an international media and marketing company reaching over 29 million active lifestyle consumers across 4,450 + health clubs in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The network engages high-value influencers through Nielsen-measured TV, digital, mobile, & custom promotions. ZOOM is where digital, out-of-home, mobile, & TV connect to the Active Lifestyle. Some of Zoom’s partner health clubs include LA Fitness, New York Sports Clubs, Gold’s Gym and Planet Fitness.


Zoom Media needed an integrated solution to help them prospect for new business by region or territory and gain insight into ad spending by platform. They found their current solutions with MRI and Nielsen lacked total landscape data, audience measurement, and a thorough perspective. Zoom wanted to have more focused, intelligent conversations with clients without spending additional time on man power to research.

They lacked a software that easily managed prospect information and identified specific pitching opportunities such as time of year to pitch, type of platforms placed on, direct vs. programmatic, recent creative, and integrated ad formats across digital properties.


Zoom media was looking for an all-in-one solution with an easy-to-use dashboard. From prospecting by territory to preparing digital mock-ups using real-time data, Zoom was able to have well-informed, smart conversations with clients. Using Account Review and Perfect Pitch, Zoom quickly pulled campaign data, creative messaging, key channels prospects placed with and print vs. online spend ratio. These precise insights enabled Zoom sales reps to demonstrate prospect knowledge and close more sales.

Ease of use was the main selling point. MediaRadar empowered the sales and research teams to quickly pull complex reports with vast prospecting information, easily organized into advertising categories by ad activity, new product lines, optimizations, ad formats running and peak spending months.

MediaRadar became an invaluable prospecting tool for sales and also an effective intelligence tool to create captivating pitches.