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Amazon quadruples the number of shows they are marketing

Amazon quadruples the number of shows they are marketing



The Drum – For the beginning of November, Amazon ramped up their marketing from 4 to 22 shows. Netflix is still in the lead. Here’s the chart and full analysis.


Amazon quadruples the number of shows they are marketing - Chart.png


  • Amazon had their biggest ad push yet. Amazon more than quadrupled the number of shows they were promoting from 4 shows to 22. Amazon highlighted some new shows this week including: The Bay, Vikings, Star Trek, The Neon Demon, Bookaboo and BeFit.
  • Amazon had an unprecedented amount of unique video ads compared to other OTT companies. They more than tripled number of unique video ads from 17 to 74 with a focus on Good Girls Revolt, Goliath and BeFit.
  • Go90 increased online websites from one to nine with an emphasis on Raising Heaven which debuted on October 24th. The show spotlights 6-year-old YouTube dance phenomenon Heaven King.
  • Netflix launched ads for 4 new shows (compared to previous weeks): Black Mirror, The Ranch, True Memoirs of an International Assassin, The Do-Over and The Crown.
  • The Crown (a Netflix original) accounted for nearly 50% of the online websites that Netflix advertised across. The Crown was the top Netflix show advertised this week across 8 TV networks with 4 unique TV spots.
  • Chance was Hulu’s most advertised show this week.It’s a Hulu original series that debuted on October 19th starring Hugh Laurie. It was promoted across 96% of the TV networks and 43% of the online websites for Hulu.