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Here’s How Olympic Advertisers Are Divvying Up Spend Across Digital and TV



According to data from MediaRadar, 482 advertisers have run TV ads during the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, with 349 of those brands also running digital display advertising.

MediaRadar used data from NBC and aggregated stats from 6,000 websites to crunch numbers from Aug. 1 through Aug. 15. For digital ad buys, the company measures factors like ad type, location, density on the page, media format and frequency to create a metric dubbed a Digital Placement Score. The metric is intended to help compare spend across differing ad sizes and shapes that individual websites and publishers often offer. Video and native ad campaigns, for example, score higher than standard display or banner campaigns.

In terms of quantity, DirecTV leads with a total of 19 digital and TV campaigns, with a big chunk of digital dollars supporting the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket streaming initiative. The media buy for DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket includes ads on 30 websites—giving the brand a score of 4,315—while another ad buy for a separate campaign across 45 websites yielded a score of 1,495. Meanwhile, the satellite company’s biggest TV campaign—DirecTV Cinema—includes 14 TV spots but no digital ads.

MediaRadar’s research looked at five types of media: TV, display, native, digital and mobile ads. Thirty-two of the 482 total advertisers, including Verizon Wireless, Geico, Walmart and Warner Bros. Pictures’ film War Dogs, bought across each type of media.

Within digital video specifically, 108 advertisers—equivalent to 22 percent of all advertisers—have run a campaign in August.

And when looking at verticals, automotive, retail, entertainment, finance and food ranked higher than technology, beauty or travel and leisure. Chevrolet ran 10 TV ads and digital promos on 188 websites for a score of 21,875, making it the biggest auto spender with digital ads. Focus Features’ Kubo and the Two Strings also ran 10 TV ads, but only ran digital ads on nine websites, giving it a total score of 687. Meanwhile, T-Mobile ran 10 TV spots with ads on 48 websites for a score of 11,878.

Take a look at the below charts for a more detailed breakdown of Olympic spending.