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Hulu increases marketing in December as Shut Eye premieres


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The Drum – In December, Hulu has been dominating, while Netflix is still in the lead. Here are the full insights from MediaRadar.



  • Hulu dominates December OTT advertising and nearly triples the number of websites they ran across from 68 to 201. Shut Eye (a Hulu original series) was the top promoted show, running across 82% of the 201 sites.
  • AOL made a huge push for Connected across 23 websites. This very popular series takes reality TV to the next level since each character films their own life, ‘No film crew. No filter. No faking it.’ This is a significant increase from November, where AOL only advertised Connected on 1 website.
  • Amazon advertised the highest number of TV shows at 21 total. The Man in the High Castle was the top promoted show across 20 websites and 4 TV spots. The Grand Tour was a close second for digital advertising.
  • MotorTrend starting advertising two new shows in December: Ignition and The House of Muscle. The House of Muscle was the top promoted show for MotorTrend, running across 60% of the total sites promoted on.
  • Netflix digital advertising plummeted by 60% for total website buys and dropped by 83% for the number of unique video ads. Netflix also halved their TV advertising from 13 to 5 networks. Of the 16 shows promoted, Cirque du Soleil was the most advertised.