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mediaradar launches tv share of market report

MediaRadar Launches TV Share Of Market Report



Broadcasting & Cable – MediaRadar, which compiles information about ad spending, said it is giving its network clients additional ways to analyze and utilize the data.

The company says its TV Share of Market Report, a new capability, will enable network sales and research executives to be able to track and compare total ad spend by network, track and compare commercial minutes by advertiser and by program, daypart, genre, and product categories.

Clients can also determine their share of spending by category or spender by program or daypart, enabling one network to compare how much an auto company, for example is spending with it compared to a rival.

“When a sales person goes into a meeting, they want to know a lot about that advertiser,” says Todd Krizelman, CEO and cofounder of MediaRadar. “A lot of clients came back to us and said we would really love you to help us understand the size of market and share of market. And so those are things we’ve added to the tool sets.”

MediaRadar compiles data on a half million TV spots per day in its New York office. The tools make it easy for the people pulling the reports to get the data they want—and exclude data they don’t want, says Krizelman.

The company also compiles data on digital spending, which allows a network compare its share of market in linear with its share online,” he says. The tools can also help evaluate individual sales reps.

MediaRadar collects data from more than 125 national broadcast and cable networks, categorizing every single advertisement and advertiser.

It gathers spending data from media agencies representing about 50% of spending and extrapolates the rest based on publicly available information and other sources.


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