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Use MediaRadar’s accurate cross-media insights to determine which prospects are ready to buy now, what you need to say in your pitch, when to call on them and specifically who controls their media buying.

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How Does it Work?

MediaRadar assists ad sales reps through each step of the sales process. This single solution distills multimedia sales data into actionable insights needs to sell across media.

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Here are some real life examples demonstrating how media sales teams are leveraging MediaRadar’s actionable insights.


A Luxury Lifestyle magazine and website that targets high net-worth customers that enjoy the jet-setting lifestyle.


Elite Traveler’s sales team struggled to understand each prospect’s history and preferred ad positioning. They needed a fast way to find talking points for their pitches.


Before making a call, MediaRadar shows each rep everywhere a prospect is buying, as well as, the types of ads and positioning they value. This information is used to quickly create a great pitch.


AgWeb is the go-to source for the agriculture industry to keep track of commodity prices and stay ahead of the latest developments.


AgWeb needed to better understand the needs of their prospective clients as well as stay on top of their competitors offerings.


The sales team at AgWeb uses MediaRadar to see who is buying ads in their space and across media formats. They also determine which clients should be buying more with AgWeb. MediaRadar ensures they aren’t leaving money on the table.

Without MediaRadar I would not be our company’s highest performing sales rep for the past 3 years. I use MediaRadar 7 days a week. Sometimes I’ll be driving and will see a billboard. Then I will pop into my MediaRadar app on my phone to see what they’re doing in online, print or TV. With the big advertising picture at my fingertips, I can find new business and closed deals!

— Todd Patton, Account Director

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Award Winning Client Services

MediaRadar’s Client Services team takes the time to reach out to the client, understand his or her goals and advise them as to how those goals can be achieved using MediaRadar.

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I just got ANOTHER deal from the custom prospecting list my account manager sent me. MediaRadar has the best client services team. Thank you!

- Paul Woods, Professional Media Group

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