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MediaRadar enables media sales research to dive into the media sales landscape and uncover new ways to expand share of market.

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Here are some real life examples demonstrating how media sales research teams leverage MediaRadar’s actionable insights.

Fast Facts


Established in 1925, The New Yorker is a flagship publication of Conde Nast. It has a reputation as the nation's leading source for incisive long-form journalism and memorable cartoons.


The sales and marketing teams spent countless hours bouncing between different sales tools. One tool provided some print information, while they looked at many others for digital insights and still others to learn about their competition.


MediaRadar helps them easily prospect for new business and have everything they need to know to sell to a brand in one place. The accuracy and timeliness of the data are incomparable in the marketplace.

Fast Facts


Evolve Media is a publisher of enthusiast destinations for influential men and women, including MMA, movies, gaming, beauty and more.


Evolve needed a solution that could help them quickly complete RFPs. The solution must highlight spending across media, flag high spending months, and show current creative for digital units like native, mobile, display and online video.


MediaRadar allows the sales team at Evolve to reduce the amount of time spent researching each client and prospect. MediaRadar helps them create pitches that really resonate, answers their questions about client spending, and highlights prospects planning cycles.

MediaRadar is one of the best tools out there. Their data is so recent that we can confidently review and rely on their marketplace and competitive analysis.

— Bill Shaner, Director: Strategic Solutions

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My MediaRadar Account Manager is fantastic – When I ask her a question, not only does she tell me how MediaRadar will accomplish my goals, but she takes me through step-by-step. If I am on a tight deadline, my account manager even takes the extra step to run the report for me. This saves me MANY hours! My Account Manager is tops…I have never been disappointed by MediaRadar.

- Terry Salimbene, Research Manager, Good Housekeeping Magazine

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