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Get transparency into the programmatic landscape. See which DSP’s a brand is using or which SSP’s have relationships with which websites and discover which exchanges are being used.

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How Does it Work?

MediaRadar assists business development reps at Ad Tech companies through each step of the sales process and provides transparency into the programmatic landscape.

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Here are some real life examples demonstrating how AdTech companies leverage MediaRadar’s actionable insights


LiveIntent enables e-newsletter readers to see ads tailored to their unique needs and interests. This is done through their powerful LiveTag platform.


LiveIntent needed a comprehensive digital data set to understand where prospects are running ads and help them to understand the value of LiveIntent’s unique ad platform.


MediaRadar’s prospecting tools allow LiveIntent’s management to uncover new business opportunities based on advertisers’ buying behavior. Using MediaRadar, LiveIntent increased their monthly revenue by 150%.


ZOOM Media is an international media and marketing company reaching over 29 million active lifestyle consumers.


Zoom Media needed an integrated solution to help them prospect for new business by region and gain insight into ad spending by platform. They couldn't do this using their current tools, MRI and Nielsen lacked the total landscape and a through perspective.


Zoom Media found an all-in-one solution with an easy to use dashboard within MediaRadar. It allowed them to quickly review campaign data, creative messaging, key channels where prospects placed ads and compare online vs. print spending ratios.

MediaRadar lets me see which brands favor native advertising and if they use programmatic technology to place those ads. With this information, I know where I should focus my sales efforts.

— Ethan Robinson, Sales Manager

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At MediaRadar, we know specializing in new business means you need to have a full pipeline. We have fully integrated MediaRadar to provide the most accurate and timely contact information. And despite having the most user-friendly UI available, your account manager is available to help.

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THANK YOU for traveling to Atlanta to help my colleagues realize the power of MediaRadar. MediaRadar is the epitome of a true partner. My Account Manager demonstrates expertise in her product, as well as, an understanding of our business issues. She’s inspired the team to take advantage of MediaRadar.

- Deanna Hamilton, Vice President, Marketing Strategy, Emerald Expositions

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