Apparel Brands Increase Print Advertising

Apparel Brands Increase Print Advertising

Many advertising categories increased print ad pages in 2013, helping to slow the decline in magazine ad pages that we’ve seen in recent years. The Medical/Pharmaceutical, Home Furnishings, Technology, and Beverages categories all increased ad pages from 2012.

Perhaps most significantly, Apparel & Accessories brands, the largest advertising category in consumer magazines, increased ad pages in 2013. Ad pages in the category rose by 1.2% to 18,886 total pages January-December, as measured among 161 consumer magazines. During this period, 514 Apparel & Accessories brands increased ad pages versus 2012, and there were 592 brands that did not place ad pages in these consumer titles in 2012.

Apparel & Accessories ad pages were boosted by increased advertising from several of the largest Apparel & Accessories categories, including Designer Fashion (+5.6%), Watches (+3.5%), and Footwear (+2.9%). These categories offset the ad page declines from Jewelry and Bridal brands.

Ralph Lauren was the most active Apparel & Accessories advertiser in 2013, with 287.8 ad pages up slightly from 281.3 pages in 2012. Calvin Klein and Chanel followed, with 278 and 259 pages, respectively.

Vogue achieved the highest share of Apparel & Accessories ad pages in 2013 with 1,332 pages, followed by Brides (1,220.5 pages) and Harper’s Bazaar (1,162 pages). Among other women’s fashion and bridal magazines, GQ is the only men’s publication in the top 10, with 621.5 pages from Apparel & Accessories brands.

The MediaRadar charts below show the Apparel& Accessories brands that placed the most ads among 161 consumer magazines, year-over-year ad pages for top Apparel & Accessories categories, as well as which magazines achieved the top market share of Apparel & Accessories ad pages in 2013.