Cosmetics Brands Increased Advertising in 2012

Cosmetics Brands Increased Advertising in 2012

Overall magazine ad pages in 2012 were down 5.6% to 149,595 total pages versus 158,502 total pages in 2011.

While most product categories reduced ad pages in 2012, the toiletries/cosmetics category increased ad pages by 5% to 20,664 total pages versus 19,695 total pages in 2011, as measured in 190 MPA member magazines.

Pantene Pro-V was the top advertiser, placing 346 pages in 46 different magazines.


The majority of these pages went to women’s fashion and beauty titles. Allure achieved top market share of toiletries/cosmetics ads with 1,117 pages, including 40 pages from Revlon, Inc. and 25 pages from Pantene Pro-V.


Many of the largest toiletries/cosmetics subcategories increased ad pages in 2012 versus 2011, highlighted by a 215-page (+5%) increase in the large cosmetics subcategory.


Beyond magazines, toiletries and cosmetics brands are active online advertisers, with 693 brands advertising on MPA Web sites in the second half of 2012.

Crest led all brands with 1,991 placements* July-December 2012. Crest, along with Pantene Pro-V and Gillette Men’s were among the top 10 advertisers in print and online.


*A single ad placement is a distinct piece of ad creative that appears in a specific location on a web site during a calendar month.