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MediaRadar Native Advertising Index

MediaRadar Native Advertising Index

Native Advertising Has Increased 122% Between May and October Of This Year, According To MediaRadar’s Latest Native Advertising Index

New York, NY – For Immediate Release – While some media pundits continue to debate the merits of digital native advertising, more brands are increasingly buying native ads (sponsored editorial, or advertisements that often mimic traditional editorial stories or content), according to MediaRadar’s 2nd Native Advertising Index.

More than 875 brands purchased native advertisements in October on 100 top consumer and B2B websites tracked by MediaRadar. In May, only 393 brands purchased native advertisements on those same 100 websites – a 122% increase of native advertising between May and October of this year.

The 2nd MediaRadar Native Advertising Index revealed:

The number of brands purchasing native advertising is steadily increasing. Listed below are the number of brands placing native ads across 100 representative websites tracked by MediaRadar.

May – 393
June – 717
July – 688
August – 683
September – 850
October – 876

Technology brands continue to lead the way among categories embracing native advertising.

The top 10 categories of advertisers utilizing native advertising by number of brands running native ads (May-October 2014) included:

1. Technology
2. Media & Entertainment
3. Financial
4. Professional Services
5. Retail
6. Travel
7. Industry
8. Apparel
9. Automotive
10. Food

Both B2B and B2C digital publishers are embracing native advertising. Below are lists of the top 10 B2B and B2C publishers ranked by the number of brands buying native advertisements on the site, measured across a representative sample of 100 sites.

B2C publishers:

  1. BuzzFeed
  2. VentureBeat
  3. DestinationWeddingsMag
  4. Huffington Post
  5. Inhabitat
  6. NationalReview
  7. WhoWhatWear
  8. Toronto Star
  9. Real Simple
  10. Sunset

B2B publishers:

  1. ModernMetals
  2. GigaOm
  3. CIO
  4. Entrepreneur
  5. Truckinweb
  6. District Administration
  7. PlanSponsor
  8. Adweek
  9. AdAge
  10. Skift

According to the 2nd MediaRadar Native Advertising Index, the top advertisers utilizing native advertising include Intel, IBM, Microsoft, The History Channel, LinkedIn, Refinery29, and FX.