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Native Advertising Index – February 2015

Native Advertising Index – February 2015

Technology Brands Lead Native Advertising, According To MediaRadar’s Latest Native Advertising Index

The popularity of native advertising increased dra-matically in 2014, according to MediaRadar’s 3rd Native Advertising Index.

The 3rd MediaRadar Native Advertising Index revealed:

More than 851 brands purchased native advertisements in December on 100 top consumer and B2B websites tracked by MediaRadar. In July, 688 brands purchased native advertisements on those same 100 websites – a 24%% increase of native advertising between July and December of 2014.

Listed below are the number of brands placing native ads across 100 representative websites tracked by MediaRadar.

June – 717
July – 688
August – 683
September – 850
October – 876
November – 849
December – 851


While seasonality and brand buying cycles factor into this increase in native advertisers towards the end of the year, new brands are continuing to enter the native advertising market. Across the entire market, an average of 546 brands begins using native advertising each month.

Technology brands continue to lead the way among categories with the most brands embracing native advertising.
The top 10 categories of advertisers utilizing native advertising by number of brands running native ads (May-December 2014) included:

1. Technology
2. Media & Entertainment
3. Professional Services
4. Financial
5. Retail
6. Travel
7. Apparel
8. Automotive
9. Food
10. Cosmetics

While the Technology and Media & Entertainment categories have the most advertisers currently placing native ads, other categories are leading in the percentage of advertisers who have adopted native advertising. In the Pets category, 23.1% of online advertisers bought native ads June-December 2014 and in the Alcohol category, 21.7% of online advertisers bought native ads.


Both B2B and B2C digital publishers are embracing native advertising. Below are lists of the top 10 B2B and B2C publishers ranked by the number of brands buying native advertisements on the site, measured across a representative sample of 100 sites.

B2C publishers:
1. BuzzFeed
2. Huffington Post
3. DestinationWeddingsMag
4. NationalReview
5. WhoWhatWear
6. Inhabitat
7. Toronto Star
8. Mashable
9. RealSimple
10. LA Weekly

B2B publishers:
1. ModernMetals
2. GigaOm
3. Entrepreneur
4. District Administration
5. Truckinweb
6. Adweek
7. AdAge
8. ModernHealthcare
9. Philadelphia Business Journal
10. PlanSponsor

MediaRadar found that brands renew online display advertising nearly twice as often as native advertising. 41% of brands that placed native ads in Q3 2014 placed native ads again in Q4, compared to 84% for online display across the same brands.


According to the 3rd MediaRadar Native Advertising Index, the top advertisers utilizing native advertising include Intel, IBM, Microsoft, The History Channel, Netflix, The Esquire Network, and DirecTV.