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B2B Publishers Embracing Programmatic

Last week AOL reported in AdWeek that 92% of marketers polled at Fortune 1000 companies said they already buying ads programmatically. They went further to report that their own quarterly revenues were up 20%, attributing the gain to the growth of their programmatic advertising business.

Of course, AOL is a consumer publisher and consumer brands have been faster to embrace programmatic ad buying than other markets. However, a meaningful number of Fortune 1000 companies are B2B brands, and they are certainly using programmatic technology to buy advertising. There are innovative new tools like Demandbase that specifically help B2B advertisers target people and brands at B2B firms in their business segment.

While programmatic B2B trails consumer placement, it does exist and we are seeing it increase sharply. Between July 2013 and July 2014, the number of brands placing ads programmatically on networks on B2B websites jumped 20%.

After all, there are several benefits to programmatic advertising: it allows for data-driven targeting, scale and rapid time-to-market, and is cost efficient.

A thoughtful article on programmatic recently was posted by Bill Guild in “The Make Good” titled, “How Programmatic Media-Buying Tackles B2B Marketers’ Top Five Prospecting Issues.”

The takeaway? There is an opportunity for B2B publishers to increase revenue by adopting programmatic advertising early.