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A Response to Brian Colbert’s Native Advertising Op-Ed in Digiday

Brian Colbert’s op-ed in Digiday about defending native advertising’s premium value gets the message right: if publishers get caught up in the hype, native’s value could go the way of the banner – and take a lot of hard-won brand trust with it. Just how close are we to this adpocalypse? The answer is in the data.


Marketers in Many Verticals Are Choosing Native

With comedian John Oliver’s tasteful takedown of native advertising still ringing in the ears of many digital advertisers and publishers, many have been wondering how common native advertising is today. Our recent native advertising research shows that native advertising is being embraced by digital publishers and advertisers across numerous publishing and advertising verticals – not just viral news sites and large consumer brands.


B2B Publishers Embracing Programmatic

Last week AOL reported in AdWeek that 92% of marketers polled at Fortune 1000 companies said they already buying ads programmatically. They went further to report that their own quarterly revenues were up 20%, attributing the gain to the growth of their programmatic advertising business.


The Return of Scented Magazine Ads

Perfume ads with scented pages or fragrance samples used to be ubiquitous in magazines, but in recent years the practice of offering scented samples in ads declined substantially.


Apple Ramps Up iPhone 5C Advertising – But Is It Too Late?

Apple has attracted a lot of attention recently for the purported poor sales performance of the iPhone 5C. While the lower-cost iPhone has not sold nearly as well as its high-end partner, the iPhone 5S, it also did not benefit from the same comprehensive advertising campaign.