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Apple Ramps Up iPhone 5C Advertising – But Is It Too Late?

Apple Ramps Up iPhone 5C Advertising – But Is It Too Late?

Apple has attracted a lot of attention recently for the purported poor sales performance of the iPhone 5C. While the lower-cost iPhone has not sold nearly as well as its high-end partner, the iPhone 5S, it also did not benefit from the same comprehensive advertising campaign.

This is an interesting change in strategy for Apple. In recent years, Apple has placed premium ad pages (back-cover and inside front-cover) in nationally circulated consumer magazines to show off their latest products. When the iPhone 5C was released last fall it was supported with TV and outdoor ads, but the magazine campaign in the U.S. did not start until February 2014.

In February and March 2014, there have been 27 ad pages for the iPhone 5C, as measured among 178 national consumer magazines. By comparison, the campaign for the iPhone 5S, which began in October 2013, has had 47 ad pages to date among the same magazines.

While magazines continue to be a significant advertising platform for Apple, the recent campaigns have been much smaller than the extensive advertising push for the iPhone 4S, which featured 167 ad pages between October 2011 and August 2012.

Perhaps this new magazine campaign can help improve Q2 sales figures for the iPhone 5C, but will it be enough to change the conversation about this product that began back when it was first released?