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Marketers in Many Verticals Are Choosing Native

With comedian John Oliver’s tasteful takedown of native advertising still ringing in the ears of many digital advertisers and publishers, many have been wondering how common native advertising is today. Our recent native advertising research shows that native advertising is being embraced by digital publishers and advertisers across numerous publishing and advertising verticals – not just viral news sites and large consumer brands.

While the debate about native advertising continues unabated – whether or not poorly labeled native advertising is misleading to consumers – our data reveals that marketers are increasingly interested in sponsoring editorial content on digital publishers. Venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz’s recent $50 million investment in BuzzFeed reinforces this emerging trend in advertising.

Between June and July 2014, we looked across a sample of 100 sites and found more than 1,040 different brands placing native ads. What is exciting is that the brands running native ad programs are from a very wide range of advertising categories.

To demonstrate the wide scope of native advertising, these were the top 10 categories of advertisers utilizing native in our index of consumer and b-to-b websites.

1. Technology
2. Media & Entertainment
3. Industry
4. Travel & Leisure
5. Professional Services
6. Financial & Real Estate
7. Retail/wholesale
8. Automotive
9. Food
10. Apparel & Accessories

We’re constantly monitoring what is happening in the industry as marketers and advertisers continue to adopt native advertising, so check back here soon for further research and commentary.