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Major B2B Spenders Buying Both Print & Digital Ad Space

Major B2B Spenders Buying Both Print & Digital Ad Space

14 percent may not sound like a lot — but what about $55 million? 

Last week, we asked whether or not B2B brands are buying both print and digital ad space in 2019. 

While the majority of B2B advertisers are still sticking with solely print or solely digital advertising, we saw a tick upward in those spanning mediums from 2018 to 2019. 

Of those advertising in print and digital spaces, a handful of B2B companies stuck out. The top spenders in print and digital advertising have spent over $55 million YTD. Here we highlight some of the major players in the B2B market, with a look at how they are executing cross-platform campaigns. 


GlaxoKlineSmith, the parent company of Excedrin, has been promoting the brand in B2B publications aimed at convenience store managers. GKS has spent over $15 million on print and digital advertising so far this year.

In terms of both style and substance, the ads are virtually indistinguishable.  

In both versions the brand focuses on the small, convenient packs — which ostensibly make them better options for convenience store inventory. “Fast headache relief for fast-paced shoppers,” the headline reads. For the print version, the ad directs managers to the local Excedrin sales managers as well as local distributors.

Excedrin Ad 2

Amazon Web Services

Amazon has put out a series of cross platform ads this year for its cloud computing platform, known by its acronym AWS. 

AWS has spent over $15 million year-to-date on print and digital campaigns combined. 

Amazon Web Services promoted towards IT professionals. Has spent over $15mm YTD on print+digital campaigns.

While the number is dwarfed by Amazon-proper’s $100 million spend, these B2B ads tend to reach more qualified leads. Both ads build on AWS’ recognition, direction to a landing page that focuses on use cases and case studies. 


Bayer, the pharmaceutical company with major agricultural investments, launched a campaign around its insecticide Movento. 

Bayer has spent over $10 million on print and digital ads in 2019 across its products. 

The ads build off the same idea: highlighting how the insecticide benefits specific crops. The print ad includes quite a bit of product detail, while the digital ad directs to the website. 

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore, the All-American paint company, has spent over $10 million this year on print and digital ads — including some targeting a B2B audience. 

In this campaign, the paint brand highlights its Spec Writer, which allows architects and designers to build out project specifications using Benjamin Moore products and colors. The print version includes a specific URL to spec tools. 


Verizon has spent over $5 million on print and digital this year, including a push for its B2B solution for fleet management, Verizon Connect

The ads are aimed at both fleet managers and SMB owners, positioning Verizon Connect as a standalone platform. 

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