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MediaRadar is compared to ‘legal’ insider trading

On August 10, 2015, New York Post compared our ad tracking software to what one would consider insider trading–except legal! After Wall Street professionals got wind of our tool, an advertising tracking tool capable of predicting how well a company will fare at a given time, they started warming up to the idea of MediaRadar.

MediaRadar’s CEO, Todd Krizelman, asserted that although it’s not 100% guaranteed, we are able to predict performance based on their marketing tendencies. Like poker, Todd explains, “when you see the signal once, you don’t know what it means. But when you see it over time, you see what it means.”

We are so excited to explore this potentially new and profitable opportunity for our company where we incorporate Wall Street needs with the data we’ve already amassed.

For the full article, where we discuss predicting Panera Bread’s performance before quarterly results were released, click here.

To watch Todd discuss this further on CNBC’s “Closing Bell,” please click here.

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