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MediaRadar's 12 Ads of Christmas: 5 Visions Blurred

MediaRadar’s 12 Ads of Christmas: 5 Drunk Friends

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Our 12 Ads of Christmas tune of content continues, now with more days, gifts, and ads behind us than ahead of us!

For starters, let’s recap MediaRadar’s jingle up to this point:

“On the twelfth day of Christmas, MediaRadar sent to me,

12 Engines Humming,
11 Cards a-Swiping,
10 Sleepers Sleeping,
9 Shoes a-Sneaking,
8 Hairs a-Trimming
7 Kids a-Playing
6 Diamond Jewels…”

In the original “12 Days of Christmas,” the fifth day would have been Five Gold Rings. But, we already talked about diamond jewelry in our last post.

Now, we want to get the holiday party started early by sending you Five Drunk Friends …

Family reunions, exciting gifts, good food, and of course, great drinks are what makes the holidays fun!

Regardless of your drink of choice, the most enjoyable holiday cocktails are had while spending time with family and friends.

Today, we’re spending time with friends like JoseJamesonBailey, and the head of the ship, Captain Morgan, to bring you the best in liquor advertising.

Here are MediaRadar’s five favorite liquor ads from this year: 

1. Captain Morgan – “Captain House Party with Adam Devine”

It’s season’s greetings for this Captain. Or perhaps, more accurately, a Captain’s greeting for the season…

As the commercial describes, Captain Morgan is hosting a holiday party at his home. As he greets more and more of his guests at the door, we, as viewers, realize that they’re all captains of some kind – from soldiers, to pilots, to football players.

Just when you think the ad is about to spiral into Captain-filled mayhem, though, Adam Devine, a famous actor but seemingly normal guy, arrives. He, of course, is no captain.

Others are skeptical of letting him in. But, when Adam holds up a bottle of Captain Morganperforms the signature leg lift, and asks, “Captain?,” the other guests mimic him, simultaneously welcoming Adam to the party.

Captain Morgan uses this ad to play on their brand name in a clever way.

The brand spent over $8 million on TV ads during quarter four (Q4) of last year. It’s on track to spend a similar amount this year.

2. Jose Cuervo – “History in a Bottle”

This Jose Cuervo ad runs a bit like an April Fool’s joke.

The theme of this ad is that Jose Cuervo is a hero. Not only did the man create an intoxicating alcohol and many iconic drinks, but he also helped Mexicans celebrate their victory against the French on Cinco de Mayo in 1862 and quenched Americans thirst during the Prohibition.

At first, it seems like an incredible story. About halfway through the ad, however, the brand’s sarcasm begins to surface.

It goes on to say that “Jose Cuervo is the name that inspired beach volleyball.”

Regardless of its intentions, this Jose Cuervo ad works as a way to draw viewers in, give them a bit of brand history, and eventually give them a good laugh – something we could all use during the holiday season!

Between October 2017 and November 2017, this brand spent nearly $4 million on TV ads. It has already spent more than that this year.

3. Jameson – “Coopers”

While this Jameson ad is “based off a true story,” it’s still very exaggerated.

The story in this ad, is that, in Cork, Ireland, in 2016, the Cooper family was not told that its Jameson barrels were being loaned to a local craft brewery. At first, the family was furious. But, once they found out that putting Jameson into the beer-soaked barrels produced a great taste, all was forgiven.

This Jameson commercial also draws viewers in with its engaging plot, car chase, and happy ending. Plus, it’s the holiday season, so there’s no better time for people to relate to a story about family history when they’re also surrounded by their family!

Jameson spent more than $1.5 million on TV ads during Q4 last year. The brand has already spent more than double that amount during Q4 this year.

4. Smirnoff – “Jonathan Van Ness Ted Danson”

This is probably the most responsible ad yet.

Smirnoff  knows that you don’t need a lot to have a good time.”

In this commercial, the waitress serves famous actor, Ted Danson, two incredibly small Smirnoff drinks – one for him and one for Queer Eye television star, Jonathan Van Ness.

You may want to drink more to make holiday parties feel just a little less awkward this year. But, the brand reminds you that you can still enjoy the party if you drink small quantities (note: the serving sizes) or pace yourself (see how Jonathan Van Ness refuses another drink because he’s “still nursing this one.”).

Smirnoff spent more than $2 million on TV ads between October and November 2017. During the same time this year, the brand is spending a similar amount.

5. Bailey’s – “Original Irish Cream”

The holidays are a time to be creative – whether it’s building the perfect gift, whipping up another holiday meal when the family is still hungry, or, in the case of this Bailey’s ad, finding more glasses. 

When the woman in this commercial realizes that she’s doesn’t have any more glasses to pour the Bailey’s drink into, she doesn’t fret.

“No glasses. No problem.”

Instead, she quickly thinks up a solution.

She cuts the heads off of three chocolate bunnies (“Your sacrifices will not be forgotten,” she mumbles), pours Bailey’s into the now open chocolate containers, tops them with whipped cream, and adds two striped straws to each.

The brand spent over $4 million on TV ads between October and November 2017. So far this year, Bailey’s has already spent more.

This holiday, be sure to cherish the time you spend with others – Mom, Dad, siblings, friends, MorganJoseJameson, Bailey, and so on. Whatever the case, be responsible, be kind, and be generous with your laughter.

Plus, stay tuned for our next post… It’ll have everything a shopper with imperfect vision could ever need!

*All Q4 2018 predictions are made by comparing October/November spend YoY