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[VIDEO] Post-Conference Follow-up: It’s All in The Details

Let’s talk about the right way to follow-up after the end of a conference. 

Like you, your prospects and clients are tired.

They’ve met a lot of people, and are inevitably going to get inundated with generic follow-up emails and phone calls. This is why the smart networking gives you the vital ingredients to send more personal and effective emails.

I recommend that at the end of each night when you get back to your hotel room, you write some interesting facts about each person on the back of their business card.

If you do, this quick action ensures that you make a better connection with your target and more importantly, that your name will ring a bell when they receive your email.

So when you’re on the plane home, take out all of those business cards and connect with the people you’ve met.

Find them on LinkedIn, then email them personalized notes referencing one thing that you spoke about and wish them well. This helps them remember you and your conversation and also keeps you from seeming too “salesy”.

Towards the end of the following week, book time in your calendar to do your more “salesy” follow-up.

For instance, email them and say: “We spoke about “X,” and here’s the value that I believe that we can bring to you.”

Hopefully, when they receive your note they’ve settled back into their work and they’ve caught up with their outstanding tasks.

Following the two-pronged approach above can help you better connect with those you meet at conferences and ultimately lead to more closed business.