Acast is a data-driven company pioneering the next generation of digital audio and voice technology. Its goal is not only to connect creators, listeners, and brands on a one-stop shop platform, powering audio all over the world, but also to build and change perceptions with key agency stakeholders and brands alike, both educating them about who Acast is and what sets the company apart in the nascent podcast landscape.


Nick Southwell-Keely, Director of Brand Partnerships at Acast, noted that, as a start-up and one with a longer history in other markets and other regions throughout the world, Acast’s brand awareness and brand equity are limitations in the early stages of the evolution of his company.


MediaRadar is the primary sales leads and contacts tool that Acast uses to analyze what market spend and activity and messaging has been undertaken as well as to ensure that it’s in communication with the appropriate contacts. With so much churn in agency land in particular, MediaRadar is a handy tool. It ensures that Acast focuses on key stakeholders and arms itself with requisite market landscape knowledge of its client’s goals and objectives, as well as directional activity.

One of the chief reasons Acast uses MediaRadar is because of the contacts feature. MediaRadar has proven to be useful in identifying contacts at agencies where Acast has gaps. MediaRadar helped improve the accuracy of these contacts, ensuring that they were as current as possible. The “easy to use and clean user-experience” is another reason why Acast would recommend MediaRadar to others.