MediaRadar is an advertising intelligence platform. This tool is used by Media planners and buyers and provides timely and actionable media data across formats. Using MediaRadar they monitor their clients’ competition and uncover new advertising opportunities.

Current MediaRadar users share how they use MediaRadar at a B2B agency.

Challenges of a Media Planner in the B2B Space

Media planning can be an exciting role—industries move quickly and the process of developing a competitive, data-based strategy can be thrilling for the analytically-minded.  

But the competitive nature of B2B advertising can also be stressful. Media planners often find themselves without effective tools to navigate complicated markets. Clients expect to achieve superior results, while adhering to strict budgets. 

In order to manage and get the most return from a budget, media planners need to easily access industry and advertising data. The problem is that there isn’t an easy-to-use tool for agencies to access detailed information on competitor ad spending across multiple formats. 

Sure, there are very large media monitoring companies, like Kantar and Nielsen, that offer a wide perspective on industries. But they tend to be expensive, hard to use and slow to update data. These tools are difficult to learn and take 6-8 weeks to upload data—which is too long in the world of media. 

Agencies don’t have a tool that offers accurate, in-depth and instant insights on over 4 million brands and their spending across multiple media formats—including premium emerging media formats, like podcasts, OTT and social channels like Facebook and Snapchat. 


MediaRadar offers media planners a fast, free and intuitive advertising intelligence platform, where they can analyze brand media mix across a variety of formats and product categories. Insights become available on the platform quickly, enabling the user to truly keep up with what’s happening in the market and to help their clients react in near real-time.

Using MediaRadar, media directors and planners can expect:

  • A fast and frictionless UI: Save time with presentation-ready insights
  • Accurate and up-to-date analysis: Our platform is updated daily with fresh data
  • Multimedia insights: Understand where competitors are spending, including across podcasts, specific social platforms and emerging formats
  • Depth of market: We track about 10,000 categories, including the most niche markets out there, and over 4 million brands.

AN OVERVIEW the media planning process:

Step One: Establish Foundation with Clients

  • Media Brief
  • Form Objectives
  • Identify research and tools

Step Two: Assess Key Drivers

  • Target Audience Strategy
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Assess media marketplace

Step Three: Create

  • Strategies and Tactics
  • Allocate and Optimize
  • Evaluate tradeoffs
  • Address contingencies
  • Communicate recommendations

Step Four: Measure and Learn

  • Assess Performance
  • Undergo Feedback Loop

This process typically happens quarterly with some variation across format (i.e. TV takes place via upfronts). The MRMB product can be used frequently across these stages, but mostly in the initial planning stages of a campaign.


Recently, We interviewed a MediaRadar user. She is a director at a marketing agency that serves B2B brands. 

This media director eagerly shared how this tool was always open in her browser, as it helps her easily keep tabs on the media buying behaviors of her clients’ competitors. “The things I’m able to do and see—we’re really impressing our clients,” she said.

By offering her clients a competitive intelligence offering, she was able to demonstrate her commitment to building data-based campaigns. 

In a time when B2B industries were going through a digital shift, her clients particularly needed to know how much their competitors are adjusting spending, where they were pouring ad dollars and what opportunities there were to outshine them. 

Using MediaRadar she can tell her clients that their competitors are now spending $2 million in OTT, and they now need to create a strategy to combat them head-to-head or to choose an alternate format to capture attention. 

Previously to MediaRadar, this media director was doing research by pulling from different sources and compiling the data in Excel sheets. What used to take her two days, now takes her one hour.

“We were doing all of this manually – literally by hand. We’re able to save so much time and be so much more efficient, and honestly we get even more information than we were before,” she explained.

“It’s been a game-changer for us! It’s an awesome tool, there’s definitely a lot of power behind it. I get excited to share this information with our clients because of how much they enjoy it.” – Media director at a B2B marketing agency

Media planners can quickly pull timely and accurate reports on competitors that include:

  • Competitor spending
  • Spending changes (month-over-month and year-over-year)
  • Product Category advertising investment analysis
  • The distribution of ad dollars across media formats
  • Creative and messaging

By understanding how much competitors are spending, agencies can efficiently build optimal strategies to increase their clients’ reach in the most suitable spaces and for the right price.

What You Should Expect

Are you an agency looking for more efficient ways to access advertising data across industries and brands?

With MediaRadar, you’ll be able to:

  • Create the best media mix for your clients: Understand competitors before deciding to outspend them directly in a particular format or to divert dollars elsewhere.
  • Monitor primary and emerging competitors in your clients’ markets: Use product category analysis to get inspiration from campaigns in your space, identify shifts in spend and identify new campaigns in your space.
  • Uncover media formats that would be a strong fit for clients: Find areas where competitors aren’t spending heavily and view creative running in that medium.

We know you’re busy. 

That’s why we’re not in the business of spitting out data you can’t use. 

We offer you actionable insights that you can quickly access in client-ready formats. With our fast and easy-to-use interface, you can get the deep insights that your clients need to build and manage effective campaigns.

And the best part is—it’s free.