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Insights from the ABM Annual Conference

On May 5th, I’ll be speaking at ABM’s 2014 Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m very excited to report on some insightful research we’ve done surrounding E-mail newsletter advertising, which is a quickly growing and vital piece of the advertising mix for b-to-b publishers and advertisers.

I also presented at the Annual Conference last April in Amelia Island, Florida. In that session, I took a deep dive into the construction advertising market to illustrate examples of market trends that we we’re seeing across the entire b-to-b landscape.

A few notable points:

  1. While print ad pages are declining in many categories, there are still many brands that are increasing their investment in print advertising. Ad pages in construction titles were down 16% in Q1 2013, yet 15% of advertisers in those titles increased the number of ad pages they placed.
  2. The print and online markets are discrete sets of advertisers in many b-to-b categories. The percentage of brands buying integrated programs is very small.
  3. Only a small percentage of online advertisers in b-to-b buy direct from the publisher. In Q1 2013 in the construction market, only about 8% of online advertisers bought direct. There is a huge opportunity for publishers to increase business by selling directly to endemic advertisers in their market.

While the market is always changing – for example, online video and e-mail advertising have become more – the trends I reported on at the 2013 ABM Annual Conference are still relevant in today’s landscape.

Take a look at the presentation below: