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MediaRadar's 12 Ads of Christmas: 4 Visions Blurred

MediaRadar’s 12 Ads of Christmas: 4 Visions Blurred

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We’ve seen quite the spectacle of innovation and creativity during our 12 Ads of Christmas series from an array of industries – car, banking, mattress, shoe, razor, toy, and jewelry.

Today, before bringing you more of the same, we’ll recap MediaRadar‘s rendition of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”:

“On the twelfth day of Christmas, MediaRadar sent to me,

12 Engines Humming,
11 Cards a-Swiping,
10 Sleepers Sleeping,
9 Shoes a-Sneaking,
8 Hairs a-Trimming
7 Kids a-Playing
6 Diamond Jewels
5 Drunk Friends…”

In the original song, the fourth day would be Four Calling Birds. We’re eying something else, however.

We’re sending you Four Visions Blurred!

It’s clear that the holiday season is made for the eyes with twinkly Christmas lights, trees laden with ornaments, and so much more.

Plus, even Santa himself wears a nice pair of wireframe glasses … I mean, how else is he going to read his list twice and move his reindeer in the right direction?

Here are MediaRadar’s four favorite eyewear ads from this year:

1. Warby Parker – “Happy Dance”

Our list starts off rather joyous. 

Do you remember how excited we were as children when we woke up on Christmas morning?

This Warby Parker ad gives off that same sensation.

In the commercial, a woman, waiting on a bus, is silent and seemingly bored.

But, when she receives a notification on her phone that her Warby Parker glasses have arrived, her whole mood changes. She is giddy with anticipation, first jumping off the bus, then dancing down the sidewalks, and twirling around a passerby.

Even her husband, who waits for her at home, is excited, performing his dance moves within the comfort of their apartment.

While the brand didn’t spend any money on TV ads during quarter four (Q4) last year, Warby Parker has spent over $3 million this year already.

2. America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses – “Lineman”


A sense of calm seeps in after the hectic holiday season, making it a safe environment to tell someone bad or hard-to-hear news.

In this commercial, an owl, an animal known for its wide, bright eyes and stellar nocturnal vision and depth-perception, gives a working lineman some sage advice.

For thousands of years, Ancient Greek legends have perceived these birds as wise, so we feel like we have to listen to what it says in this ad.

And what it’s telling the lineman is that America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses sells the cheapest glasses and contacts. It offers “2 pairs and a free exam for just $69.95.”

The brand also instills a bit of humor into its ad to keep viewers aware and engaged. Following their conversation, the lineman repeats “Who?” (quite obviously mimicking the sound owls are known to make) a couple times.

When the owl also tries to bring up that, “You charge too much for cable.,” the lineman responds: “It’s not my department, dude!”

America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses spent more than $7 million on TV ads between October and November 2017. The brand is on track to spend a similar amount this year.

3. LensCrafters – “Woman 30”

The holidays tends to be all about others – donating to the less fortunate, buying presents for your friends, doing seasonal activities that your family enjoys and preparing meals for them.

We should also make the holidays about us because we deserve it.

With the “personalized service” from LensCraftersthe brand does make it about you. Not only are its eye exams precise and attentive to detail, but the brand also understands you as a person and knows that there are many different sides to you.

“Because there’s a work you, a weekend you, and even an undiscovered you.”

During Q4 2017, LensCrafters spent more than $2.5 million on TV ads. The brand hasn’t spent a single penny so far this year.

4. 1-800-Contacts – “Date Night”

During the holidays, people’s calendars fill up with parties, parties, and more parties. It’s the perfect season for dressing up and people, of course, want to look their best.

In this 1-800-Contacts ad, the woman has run out of contacts and, so, has to wear her big and old and ugly glasses on a romantic night out. How unfortunate!

The ad is short, sweet, and to the point. The messaging is simple too: You will never run out of contacts if you use 1-800-Contacts.

The brand spent over $4 million on TV ads during Q4 last year. It has already spent more than that this year.

Regardless of whether you’re near-sighted, far-sighted, or have perfect vision, don’t forget about you this holiday season. You’ve given so much of your time donating, volunteering, and giving to your loved ones, it’s also important to take care of you. 

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*All Q4 2018 predictions are made by comparing October/November spend YoY