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The Top 10 Podcasts for B2B Sales

10 B2B Sales Podcasts Every Rep Should Have on Their Radar in 2023

Way back in 2019, we predicted a big year for audio—and it was. 

That growth has continued, thanks largely to the rise of podcasts. In 2022, the number of monthly podcast listeners in the U.S. was expected to increase by 6.1% year-over-year (YoY) to 125mm. 

What’s driving podcasts to new heights? A fondness from consumers and B2B brands alike. 

For consumers, it’s all about convenience; they can learn whenever and wherever they want. 

For B2B brands, podcasts are a way to engage with an already bombarded market—and make a few bucks while they’re at it. Podcast advertising in the U.S. generated almost $1.5b as of 2021, up by 72% compared to 2020. 
The ripe opportunity has understandably created a launchpad for businesses across industry lines—there are currently almost 4mm podcasts, according to the Podcast Index.

These are some of our favorites—and ones you should pay attention to in 2023: 

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The Advanced Selling Podcast

Advanced Selling Podcast

Two B2B sales trainers (Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale) with two decades of experience share tips and strategies every week. They cover nearly everything under the sun in B2B sales: “Prospecting, sales communication, buyer resistance, proposals and RFPs, pricing, cold calling, sales forecasting, pain points, psychology, positioning, deal coaching, goal setting …” the list goes on, according to Listen Notes.

Recent Episode: Metamorphosis of the Salesperson

This episode explores the current reputation of sales reps. The guys also dive into what they’re seeing in the profession and ways you can focus more on customer needs.

B2B Growth

Brutal Truth about Sales and Selling podcast logo

This podcast from Sweet Fish Media provides short, digestible podcasts on the B2B market on the daily. Categories include marketing strategy, content marketing, Mar-Tech, social media, buyer personas, account-based marketing and more. 

Recent Episode: Gated’s “Advisor” Strategy – Smart or Not?

This recent episode discusses how Gated uses advisors to gain traction, mass adoption, and drive growth.

The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling

Brutal Truth about Sales and Selling podcast logo

This aptly named podcast comes from The Maverick Selling Method, which in turn comes from B2B salesman Brian G. Burns. 

Slick copy and overbearing buzzwords aside, the podcast provides an incisive look at what works in B2B selling and what is old-fashioned. “I interview the best and brightest on every topic that effects [sic] salespeople today,” Burns writes on his LinkedIn. “I avoid all the old and useless approaches.”

Recent Episode: What Selling Smarter Looks Like and How to Apply It

Brian G. Burns talks to Chris about his experience running and operating restaurants, and his pivot into sales.

Sales Success Stories

Sales Success Stories Podcast logo

Hosted by Scott Ingram, the Sales Success Stories format is used to interview A players in sales across industries. Interviewees share their favorite strategies, tips, routines and reading material.

Recent Episode: Mentors, Grit, & Cultivating An Ownership Mindset with Zencity’s Jack English

Jack English, the top-performing Account Executive at Zencity, shares his sales story, talks about his role, reflects on his favorite stories, and shares his thoughts on the unique political nature of his sales role.

The B2B Sales Show

B2BSales Show Cover

As the name implies, this podcast is “dedicated to helping B2B sales professionals engage their target accounts, successfully navigate the sales process, and ultimately become more effective sellers.” Most episodes feature an interview with an experienced B2B sales pro. 

Recent Episode: The Multiplier Effect: How to Make Your Whole Team Smarter

David Kreiger, President of SalesRoads, talks about the multiplier effect, how to harness it, why reps need to make (and learn) from their mistakes, and why coaches should listen more than they talk.

The Sales Evangelist

sales evangelist podcast logo

A B2B podcast with a more personal touch, The Sales Evangelist (better known as Donald Kelly) works with a “We’re all in it together” kind of message. 

With episodes posted upwards of 10 times each month, Kelly has plenty of time to jump into everything from creating an authentic personal brand to dealing with stress, fatigue and burnout in an industry with breakneck acceleration.

Recent Episode: How I Utilize Personalized Video to Build a Community and Generate Leads

Jerrod Best-Mitchell joins the show to talk about using personalized video to generate leads and build connections and community.

The B2B Sales Podcast

The B2B Sales Podcast, hosted by Skip and Thibaut, addresses core B2B sales topics—think sales development, sales training, and sales coaching—to help salespeople discover and implement new tactics. The podcast applies to anyone in sales but focuses on tech and EMEA sales.

Recent Episode: Email subject lines: The last guide you’ll ever need, with Thibaut Souyris

Thibaut shares his steps to create dozens of engaging email subject lines in less than 5 minutes. 

Make It Happen Mondays – B2B Sales Talk with John Barrows

John Barrows, a leading B2B sales trainer and founder of JBarrows Consulting, brings on industry leaders to share actionable sales tips to help sellers close more business.

Recent Episode: Eric Nowoslawski & Varun Anand: How scared should sales reps be of tools like ChatGPT replacing them?

Eric Nowoslawski & Varun Anand, the innovators behind, are helping companies of all sizes find opportunities in the era of artificial intelligence. This episode looks at the risk of becoming redundant in the AI age and the steps you can take to remain relevant.

Daily Sales Tips with Scott Ingram

Daily Sales Tips with Scott Ingram takes a unique approach to B2B podcasting. Scott presents new tips 7 days a week—all within 5-10 minutes or less. Recent topics include improving sales by copying the Beatles (yes, those Beatles) and negotiating with clarity. 

Recent Episode: White Knuckles & Complete Strangers – Camille Clemons

Scott talks about the importance of not white-knuckling your way through life and letting go of what you think needs to happen. More importantly, he dives into how to trust what you’re doing and be okay with where you’re at. 

Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker is the leading community for modern sales professionals. The Sales Hacker podcast is an extension of that. The podcast gives B2B sellers access to the latest sales tips and tactics in B2B sales. 

Recent Episode: Smart Growth for Global Success with Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg

In this episode of the Sales Hacker Podcast, we have Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg, CEO and Co-Founder at TicketCo, an event sales solution for organizers and venues. Join us for a playful conversation about a wild guy who took a wild ride to become wildly successful at selling tickets.

The Power of B2B Sales Podcasts in 2023

The number of B2B sales podcasts will continue to grow in 2023—and they should. For B2B brands, podcasts offer a respite from increasingly saturated digital ecosystems.

For B2B sellers, podcasts offer access to the up-to-date and relevant information they need to thrive in their roles—all in an effortless way. 

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