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Trend Report Preview: TV Advertisers With RFPs Coming Soon

Trend Report Preview: TV Advertisers With RFPs Coming Soon

The highest grossing TV advertising events of Q1 are now behind us, including the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards and the College Football Championship. Now we turn our focus to Q2, which makes up a major portion of annual ad spend.

It’s important to stay on top of trends in TV advertising — who is advertising with whom? Why, and how? Understanding the current state of the television landscape is necessary to find out which upcoming opportunities shouldn’t be missed, how best to prepare, and how to maintain a competitive and desirable edge.

MediaRadar will release its annual TV Trend Report later this month. Ahead of the full report, we put together the most critical insight for publishers and media companies — including the biggest TV advertisers with RFPs coming up in the next few months.

Television Trend Report 2019

Top TV Advertisers With Upcoming RFPs

The most important part of the upcoming report will be an overview of the top TV advertisers — and how they are spending their ad dollars. The top TV advertisers with the largest ad spend that have upcoming RFPs between now and July include:

All three of these companies spent over $1 billion each on TV advertising in 2018.

Insight From MediaRadar’s TV Trend Report

In the past year, there have been a few noteworthy changes in the product categories investing in TV advertising. Tobacco vaporizer and pet-related companies increased their TV ad spend the most, whereas travel and non-alcoholic beverage companies decreased their investments more than any other category.

Over 2,000 new advertisers entered the TV ad market this year — apparel companies highest among them. Apparel TV advertising hit an all-time high, making up 13% of all dollars spent on TV advertising throughout the past 12 months.

In the last 12 months, the top five product categories for TV advertisers included:

  1. Retail: $8.7 billion
  2. Finance & Real Estate: $7.9 billion
  3. Tech: $7.4 billion
  4. Pharma: $6.6 billion
  5. Auto: $6 billion

Among each of those product categories are household names like Target, Geico, T-Mobile, Pfizer and Toyota.

The full report, set to be released later this month, readers can expect further insight into major events of Q1 2019, shifting TV ad length, how direct-to-consumer brands are entering the TV advertising market, and the impact of the latest round of mergers and acquisitions on the national TV landscape.