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making the most of cross platform ad sales

Making the Most of Cross-Platform Ad Sales

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B&C – Thanks to the growing strength of online/mobile digital content, today’s ad sales teams have to be keenly knowledgeable in detecting and recommending the right media mixes to their advertising clients.

The reason is that linear (broadcast) TV is no longer the knee-jerk Gold Standard solution for reaching consumers. In particular, hard-to-reach Millennials are more likely to be found on their internet connected computer and smartphone screens, rather than perched passively in front of HDTVs.

Yes, viewership is shifting to digital content – $1.5 billion in ad dollars having shifted from TV to digital in 2015. While there is still $66 billion projected to be spent on linear TV advertising in 2016, the TV audience is fragmented. According to FX Networks, the number of scripted TV shows has doubled since 2009, rising to 409 scripted shows in 2015. This means that there are fewer eyeballs per show, making linear TV advertising a less monolithic venue than it was just a decade ago.

Clearly, the sweet spot for advertising salespeople in all this confusion is to devise effective cross-platform advertising strategies for both their current and prospective clients. These strategies need to be based on solid research to deftly balance the best demographic reaches across each platform with the best prices.

Unfortunately, the amount of detailed research and informed analysis needed to create, pursue, and sell such winning strategies to advertisers is beyond the resources and expertise of most advertising salespeople.

Fortunately, MediaRadar provides such qualified ad sales intelligence for ad sales teams. 

MediaRadar is a one-stop-shop. This cloud-based tool crunches multimedia ad sales data. It uses this analysis to provide actionable, personalized sales intelligence to subscribing advertising sales professionals. This intelligence includes competitive insights into advertisers’ cross-platform buying patterns, reports on prospective clients, and upsell opportunities for advertisers ready to spend more money promoting their brand.

“Our mission is to help advertising salespeople meet and exceed their sales goals,” said MediaRadar CEO Todd Krizelman. “We provide them with a detailed portfolio of prospects, product trends in advertising, and upselling opportunities.” 

To provide this tool, MediaRadar conducts comprehensive ad sales research on more than 2.6 million brands across multiple media platforms; including online, online video, e-newsletter, print, trade shows and social media. “Our 1,600 clients count on our expert analysis of this data to detect sales opportunities, create bulletproof pitches, and get the most from every sale,” Krizelman said.

MediaRadar’s client list contains the elite of ad-selling media. Their roster includes ESPN, A&E, Hallmark Channel, Business Insider, and Bloomberg; among others.

“MediaRadar has a great depth of knowledge, they understand the creative executions and how advertisers are utilizing different media formats. MediaRadar helps us to better strategize before we meet with the client or prospect,” Bill Rosolie, senior VP Advertising Sales at Reelz Channel. Bloomberg Media Group’s Keith Grossman added, “MediaRadar’s digital offerings are an incredible asset and provide huge advantages to any organization that is looking to make sense of the medium.” 

Most tellingly, 97 percent of clients who sign up for MediaRadar’s insightful advertising intelligence renew their subscriptions. “This is where you can see the value of what we offer,” Krizelman said. “Our clients renew with us, because we help them tangibly and measurably increase their cross-platform sales – and profits.”

The payoff: Ad salespeople who want to maximize their sales while helping their advertiser clients boost their own sales need to master the cross-platform model. To make this happen, they need to access what MediaRadar has to offer.

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