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4 Reasons Why Google Loves Native Advertising

For a moment in time, in 2017, many perceived Google's new ad blocking standards as building a bleak set of walls around online publishers. In June 2017, Google first announced that, come 2018, Chrome would begin to support and abide by the "Better Ads Standards," originally set in place by the Coalition for Better Ads, to which Google belongs. The Coalition for Better Ads is a collection of companies and associations that have come together to form an alliance for the betterment of viewer experience with advertising. The Better Ads Standards were put in place to essentially add guidelines to how ad servers should interact with their viewers.


MediaRadar Native Advertising Roundup: March 2018

While native advertising is widely used among advertisers and publishers in the online space, it is also still growing at an impressive rate. In fact, last month, over 900 brands ran native ads for the first time! Every month, MediaRadar analyzes thousands of brands utilizing native advertising.


3 Reasons Why Niche Print is on the Rise


In an era of digital and online advertising, it is no secret that print has certainly struggled with declining page counts. But the idea that all areas of print have declined is mistaken. In fact, large companies like L’Oreal, Pfizer, and P&G continue to allocate big money towards print.