Asking the Right Questions: The Key to Building Lasting Business Relationships with Prospects 

You’ve worked hard to finally get your prospect on the phone or land a meeting with them. At this point, you’ve probably sent countless emails and left numerous voicemails. Before all of that started, you had to find your perfect target, so you focused on maintaining a near-perfect prospect list.

Great job.


Will Amazon Own the Programmatic Advertising Market?

How is amazon focusing on programmatic advertising, now that Amazon Advertising is gaining momentum?


How Should Publishers Set Their Price Floor?

While it’s very important for publishers to understand how header bidding works, it’s equally as important that they understand how to make it work for them.

In our previous posts, we did our best to simplify the process of programmatic advertising.

We first covered the traditional process of waterfalling, then moved through the innovation of header bidding.

If you’ve yet to read those posts, we suggest that you start there before reading any further.

After reading our previous posts, you might be thinking, "all of this talk of price floors... But how do I know what my price floor should actually be?"

That’s an important question to keep in mind. Header bidding is a very innovative process, but publishers can only truly maximize their return if the process is implemented correctly.




What Is Prospecting and How to Do It Right?

Do you want to win new clients for your agency? Of course you do... But how does that happen? Not on a whim, that's for sure.

Every successful agency-client relationship is built on a foundation of
understandingTo build these relationships, however, development reps must do the research and preparation necessary to fully understand their prospects.

In the pre-pitch stage, this process is known as prospecting.



2023 MediaRadar Prediction: Technology Advertisers Spend Despite the Uncertain Economy

In 2022, more than 21.2k technology advertisers spent $12b on digital, print and TV ads—an increase that looks to continue in 2023.


2023 MediaRadar Prediction: Baby & Kid Advertising Will Continue to Grow

As we enter a post-pandemic baby boom, baby and kid advertisers are enjoying a sudden spike in demand—and their ad spend is following suit.


2023 MediaRadar Prediction: Beauty Advertisers Take Advantage of the Lipstick Effect

With a looming recession, beauty advertisers focus on promoting "small indulgences," and point to continued increase in ad spend.


2023 MediaRadar Prediction: Apparel Advertising is Back in Vogue

While there are some new top spenders, and new ad strategies, apparel advertising proves resilient in spite of the pandemic and recession.