3 Reasons Consumers Connect with Native

MediaRadar’s most recent consumer trend report reveals significant growth in native advertising. Since January 2015, the demand for native has nearly tripled.


The Future of Native: Quality begets Quantity


Demand for native campaigns and content has never been higher, triple what it was in January of 2015. The proliferation of this format, however, has not coincided with market-wide understanding of how to optimize it. Thousands of advertisers are purchasing native ads each month – many of them for the first –time. So how do publishers combat low renewal rates and tougher FTC compliance, while simultaneously alleviating consumer misperceptions about native content?


Follow the Money – The Rise of Native Video


Consumer trends are evolving.  2016 marked the first year that consumers made a majority of their purchases online rather than in store, according to an annual survey by comScore. This shift is leading to the slow death of traditional retail, with major retailers such as Macy’s and Sears closing stores across the country. Purchasing goods digitally has become incredibly easy and pain-free thanks to the likes of Amazon. In fact, 44% percent of smart phone users made purchases on their phone in 2016, according to that same comScore report.


The Real Math Of Sponsored Editorial: The Native Paradox

The sale of sponsored editorial is up, significantly, across almost all big name publishers.  This is amazing, but there is a paradox. Despite the success, there are visible cracks in the foundation.  Competition and unsuccessful campaigns are driving unusually low renewal rates.  The average advertiser buying has just a 33% renewal rate.