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MediaRadar's 12 Ads of Christmas: 2 All of the Above's

MediaRadar’s 12 Ads of Christmas: 2 All of the Above’s

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We made it to the penultimate post in our blog series! It’s been a rollercoaster of ads so far, featuring cars, banks, mattresses, shoes, razors, toys, jewelry, drinks, glasses, and dating sites.

Here’s a more exact look at how MediaRadar’s cover of the “The Twelve Days of Christmas” is playing out:

“On the twelfth day of Christmas, MediaRadar sent to me,

12 Engines Humming,
11 Cards a-Swiping,
10 Sleepers Sleeping,
9 Shoes a-Sneaking,
8 Hairs a-Trimming
7 Kids a-Playing
6 Diamond Jewels
5 Drunk Friends
4 Visions Blurred
3 Sites Romancing…”

The subsequent lyric in the original version would be “Two Turtle Doves.”

Today, however, we’re sending you Two All-of-the-Above’s – those online or brick-and-mortar superstores that sell everything from toys, household appliances, clothes, electrical goods, to food and more, all in one place.

By making shopping for the holidays a whole lot easier and more efficient, superstores like these give you more quality time to spend with your family and friends.

On that note, we bring you two companies that not only have it all, but even have some great ads too.

Here are our two favorite All-of-the-Above’s ads from this year:

1. Amazon – “Can You Feel It”

This Amazon ad captures the eagerness surrounding the holidays. 

The brand kicked off advertising this year when it released this commercial in early November, making the anticipation for the holidays start even earlier and last even longer.

Amazon employed an integrated advertising strategy here to produce a more effective commercial. Viewers can hear Amazon‘s virtual assistant say, “Alexa, turn on the lights,” so, not only is the ad highlighting Amazon Prime, but it is also showcasing other Amazon products like Alexa.

In the ad, we see certain heads turn as Amazon Prime packages roll by – a young girl at home, a woman at her office, a factory employee, a truck driver, a nurse, a patient, a construction worker, pedestrians, and even a dog.

As the packages move throughout halls, factories, and into trucks, they sing joyously, “Can You Feel It,” a catchy song about the sensation of something amazing coming that will absolutely get stuck in your head.

Amazon spent over $200 million on TV ads between October and November of last year. This year, the brand has already spent more.

This holiday, be sure to send some love to friends and family, whether it’s in an Amazon box or not.

2. Walmart – “Light Up Christmas”

Like AmazonWalmart also highlights the excitement of the holidays.

The beginning of the ad is quiet with just a single ticking clock in the background. The commercial shows us the many toys under the tree, a child’s letter to Santa Claus, but then … the kids wake up and the song, “Shout (You Make Me Wanna),” starts playing!

Now, children are jumping, running down their stairs, tearing up their presents, and smothering their parents in wrestling-like hugs.

“All the joy. All for less,” declares Walmart. This statement highlights the store’s affordable prices and shows parents that, at Walmart, they can still get everything their child wants for Christmas all in one place, just for less.

During quarter four (Q4) 2017, Walmart spent more than $200 million on TV ads. The brand is on track to spend a similar amount during the same time period this year.

Shopping can be time-consuming, but it’s still important to give. Give gifts, but also give your time, attention, and love to those that matter most. Amazon and Walmart are both making the shopping part easier for us all.

Be sure to look out for our final post, where we’ll conclude with a gift that continues to give, all year long.

In the meantime, catch up on the rest of our series in preparation for our last post!

*All Q4 2018 predictions are made by comparing October/November spend YoY