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6 Tips for Leaving Effective Voicemail Messages 

Needless to say, communication is one of, if not the, most important skill any salesperson can possess. Nowadays, however, communication with prospective clients comes in many forms. It's important for ad sales reps not to overlook any one form of communication. Ad sales reps are now expected to do more than ever. The evolution of sales as related to human communication requires more diligence, time, and planning from reps. Selling is now about consistency - presenting the same message, the same value, across all mediums, at different points.


Stranger Things, Stranger Advertising

Now that you've had time to digest Season 2 of Stranger Things, we prepare to journey back to the quaint hamlet of Hawkins, and highlight some of the more unique and amazing ways that Season 2 was advertised.

These marketing efforts come courtesy of Doner LA - an agency showing that it's ok to think outside the box.

Doner LA's outside the box ideas found us on the sidewalks, in the subway, and in our favorite apps. Regardless of where they were, however, the one thing these ads all have in common is how creatively unique they are.

Watching Season 2 of Stranger Things was a no-brainer after seeing these 4 ads:


20 Successful Native Advertising Examples and Ways to Spot Them

Here’s a list of the six most adopted identifiers of native advertising, along with 20 successful examples, so you can have an easier time spotting native ads.


“I Swear I’m Not a Stalker…”& Other Subject Lines That Get Your Emails Opened

Your prospect sits down at their computer and opens their inbox. They start scrolling and their eyes start to wander, only to cross paths with your unread email. At this point, the dice have rolled in your favor, and your email is now in their crosshairs.

This is where your hard work and creativity come into play. At that exact point, your prospect may not know you or your company. The only thing they have to reference, and the only thing they have to look at, is one line of text: your email subject line.

The overall goal is to make your subject line memorable and actionable. It should be something that first, stands out in your prospect's overloaded inbox, and second, drives them to take action - which in this case, would be to open the email and engage.

I've written many emails and have found that the most effective subject lines are the ones that show my personality, are specific, and present clear value to my prospect. In my time doing so, I've used many subject lines that consistently product high open rates.

Let's take a look at some of the email subject lines that have brought me repeated success, that you can use to get your sales emails opened, time and time again:


8 Easy Ways to Make Conferences Work For You

8 Easy Ways To Make Conferences Work For You.png

As an ad sales executive, conferences are a “no-brainer” way to meet prospects.

Whether you are attending a training event, participating as a vendor, sponsor or even if your company is hosting the event, there are always great opportunities to meet new advertisers or enhance an existing relationship.