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How is the NFL Advertising Game Changing?

How has NFL advertising changed over time? Let's take a deeper dive into the National Football League's connection to liquor, TV, and Snapchat advertising.


Snapchat’s Year in Review: 3 Big Brands and 4 Advertising Trends

Snapchat started serving ads in 2014. While the growth of the mobile messaging and social media app slowed in March 2017 after going public, Snapchat regained steam, beginning in the fall of 2017. Recognizing the key benefits of Snapchat, major brands started jumping on the many different customized and high-CPM ads formats, sponsored lenses, and videos offered by the app.


8 Top Snapchat Advertisers

More and more brands are now jumping on the upward trend and choosing to advertise with Snapchat. MediaRadar compiled a list of the biggest Snapchat advertisers. Here are the top eight.