Snapchat Trends Upward: Where are advertisers investing?

If one thing is clear in the brand and publisher space for 2018, it's that the media mix is shifting. As new platforms continue to enter the advertising space, there’s more and more for brands, publishers, and ad sales teams to consider in knowing where advertisers want to be.


Advertising Mergers and Acquisitions: January 2018

As a new month gets underway, it's yet again time for us to take a look at the mergers and acquisitions within the publisher and brand space.


The Best of Super Bowl Ads 2018

For Philadelphia Eagles fans, New York Giants fans, and everyone that dislikes the New England Patriots, Super Bowl LII was quite the treat. The game itself was terrific - high-scoring, intense, and the underdog came out on top.


Integrated Advertising in Sports: Hockey

In our first blog about integrated advertising in sports , we discussed the innovation on display during the 2017 World Series.


Ads.txt Explained: Who’s Buying In?

In 2017, the conversation surrounding transparency in advertising gained quite a bit of traction, as many brands expressed their distrust in the high levels of fraud surrounding them. Within that conversation, emerged a new tool, known as Ads.txt. The idea for something like this had been lingering in the back of the industry’s mind, but never received the proper support to become a reality. This year's intensified conversation surrounding brand safety made it possible, however.


Snapchat Advertising Explained: What’s For Sale?

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social media networks, currently valued at about $18 billion. It’s also one of the fastest growing platforms for mobile advertisers. The number of brands advertising on Snapchat is rising very quickly. These brands seek to target the platform’s youthful audience – 71% of current users are under the age of 34.


Vertical Video, Brand Safety, Consolidation and Meredith: Four Predictions for 2018

The predictions below come from Todd Krizelman, CEO & Co-Founder, MediaRadar.


Brand Safety: What is the Agency Telling Your Client?

In 2017, many questions arose regarding advertisers and the content they're surrounded with. Some brands saw their ads running alongside unsavory content, and so the discussion of brand safety in programmatic advertising began to gain much more traction.


Building Trust Beyond the CMO: Find Your Internal Champion

After you deliver an amazing product pitch to a person or group of people at a prospect company, what do you think those people typically do following that pitch?

Most likely, they'll talk about it - they'll tell others within their company about it.

They'll talk about you, your product, and perhaps your pitch in general. They'll put in a good word for you. They'll vouch for you, intentionally or not.

That's because great pitches and innovative products leave lasting impressions on business professionals. Great pitches build trust, and create belief inside those people - a belief in you and your product.

If that belief is not spurred within the right person, however, an agency pitch could be for naught.