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The Evolution of Social Advertising in a World of Fake Ads

Social media has quite literally become its own world. And that has never been more important for advertisers. "Nuclear buttons," Twitter rants, fake news, and "trolls" have filled the social media landscape of late, leaving many advertisers asking, "how exactly did we get here?"


Integrated Advertising in Sports: Hockey

In our first blog about integrated advertising in sports , we discussed the innovation on display during the 2017 World Series.


Ads.txt Explained: Who’s Buying In?

In 2017, the conversation surrounding transparency in advertising gained quite a bit of traction, as many brands expressed their distrust in the high levels of fraud surrounding them. Within that conversation, emerged a new tool, known as Ads.txt. The idea for something like this had been lingering in the back of the industry’s mind, but never received the proper support to become a reality. This year's intensified conversation surrounding brand safety made it possible, however.


Snapchat Advertising Explained: What’s For Sale?

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social media networks, currently valued at about $18 billion. It’s also one of the fastest growing platforms for mobile advertisers. The number of brands advertising on Snapchat is rising very quickly. These brands seek to target the platform’s youthful audience – 71% of current users are under the age of 34.


Brand Safety: What is the Agency Telling Your Client?

In 2017, many questions arose regarding advertisers and the content they're surrounded with. Some brands saw their ads running alongside unsavory content, and so the discussion of brand safety in programmatic advertising began to gain much more traction.


MediaRadar Native Roundup: January 2018

Native ad campaigns are continually changing. In fact, native is one of the fastest growing products in digital advertising today. In light of this, each month, we review the native ads we've seen and highlight the most prevalent campaigns. Perhaps you can include some of these strategies in your own native offerings. In the MediaRadar Native Advertising Roundup, we select four noteworthy campaigns to highlight, offering insights into their native strategy. In last month's roundup, we saw innovative campaigns from Kia, Immaculate Baking Company, TitleMax, and PNC Bank.


MediaRadar’s Programmatic Advertising Dictionary

In previous posts, we mentioned that a comprehensive understanding programmatic advertising can be difficult to attain.

One of the reasons for this difficulty is that programmatic utilizes a lexicon of terms seldom seen elsewhere.

It's vital for publishers to fully understand the benefits and process of programmatic, however.

Despite some brand safety concerns along the way, programmatic advertising still presents a more efficient way to buy and sell online ad space - and it will only continue to evolve.

In an effort to further breakdown the process and make it as digestible as possible, we have compiled a list of definitions to take with you moving forward - or perhaps back to our previous posts.

Knowing the specifics of each word can make the process in its entirety much easier to grasp.